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Friday, June 10, 2011

Stylish, trendy, plus-sized maternity clothes: Like unicorns and fairies, do you even exist?

So I guess designers of plus size maternity wear must hold the belief that women who are pregnant and plus size do not want to look good.  For those of you who would feel inclined to direct me to Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, or some other chain I say this:  they just don’t cut it in the looks, quality, or price department (IMO). The tops I have purchased from Old Navy either look extremely tent-ish or are now crop tops (there is such a thing as washing clothes too much people). My lack of a sophisticated stylish wardrobe has me rummaging through my husband’s drawers for clothes...and let me tell you, he’s not too happy about it. If you have suggestions on where I could find reasonably priced, stylish clothing that is plus-sized I will love you forever. FYI, I'm currently 270, 5'3, and wear an 18/20/22/whatever-fits-these-days.

I was looking for a "flames" icon to superimpose on this image but alas, I couldn't find one.


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