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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The one with the tribal romper...


Have you ever bought something, threw it in your closet and completely forgot about it? Yeah, that's the story of my life! I recently came across this tribal romper while perusing my closet for a certain top (I never did find it). This gem was poking between an old vintage button down and an orange JCrew sweater.  "Why, hello!" I exclaimed while freeing it from it's confines.

I love this romper because it is super comfy and stretchy! I purchased it at one of Urban Outfitters sales and am glad I took the gamble.  It is a size large but the leg area is very roomy (it's a harem style bottom) and the material is able to accomodate my curves.  If you know me, you know that I don't necessarily care for showing my arms.  In my quest to be more comfortable with all my body parts, I've been doing more and more things that I normally wouldn't be okay with. Well, not only do I feel fabulous in this outfit, but I think I look fabulous o-kay!!! *snaps fingers twice*

I wanted to punch up the black/white colors of the romper by throwing on a lime belt.  The belt is super cute and was a steal for 6 bux at H&M (I think they had additional colors too). I didn't want to be too matchy-matchy but I couldn't resist pulling out my mini lime clutch I purchase from H&M a couple months back. Lastly, I think my vivid pink lip (Rouge Artist Intense #36 by Make Up Forever) helps to make everything *pop* a bit more.

Hey, did you notice my new hairstyle? It's basically a two-stranded twist around my whole head. It was very easy to do and I've gotten many compliments on it.  I feel like a Grecian goddess! See below for a close-up!

I hope you all are having a great day today and if no one has told you this yet....I think you are beautiful!

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters (no longer available)
Belt: H&M
Clutch: H&M
Earrings: Pieces via ASOS

A close-up of my "do"

A couple more things! One, don't forget to enter the giveaway for the $50 F21 card! The deadline is fast approaching!

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<3 you all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway time!


I'm sorry for being such a slacky bum with these giveaways.  At the time, offering a giveaway a week for this month seemed like a great idea...too bad my memory is not so good.  Do not fret though, today's giveaway is a great one!
I have a $50 Forever 21 gift card up for grabs to a lucky reader! Use it on clothes or shoes and accessories...the possibilities are endless (not really but you get my point!).  To enter, please see below!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorbet colorplay...


I am really not the one to follow trends too much but I thought I'd experiment a bit with the pastel trend that is so hot right now.  In my opinion, pastel colors come across as looking too saccharine and goody-goody. Next time, I think I'll push the envelope a bit by pairing these colors with a more "tough" texture like leather.  All in all, I think my look is so-so.  I am so used  to bright, bold colors and textures that I felt like I should've been chasing a unicorn while in this outfit.  What do you think of the pastel trend? How would you rock it?

Also *ahem*, did you notice the improved quality of my pics? These are pics taken with my new DSLR which I am in total love with. The camera has forced me to step up my picture taking came for sure which I'm sure you all are relieved about! I can't promise that I won't ever take pics in that dusty corner of my dining room though!

I was trying to show you the shape and color of my earrings (they match my pants) but my hair was in the way! Derp!

Top: H&M (size 12)
Pants: Tarjay (size 16)
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Clutch: ASOS
Earrings: H&M

Lastly, I wanted you to know that I'm finally on Instagram! Follow me at Izzygetsbizzy1!  Here are a few pics from this week!
I did them myself! I'm pretty proud of myself! *snaps suspenders*

My daughter Lilah...she has a thing for remotes

I had lunch with a friend a few days ago and she cheffed this up for me. Tri-color rotini in a meat sauce with a fruit salad on the side. Yum!

My friend's Portuguese Water Dog Zazu (yup, like Lion King Zazu)

Thanks so much for reading my blog! You all keep me going!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Every Body...


Many of my friends/family come to me for fashion advice because they think I am some fashion guru.  I am flattered by the compliment but admittedly, it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I think fashion is personal and it is hard for me to tell people what they should wear. I am of the adage that you should wear what you feel comfortable in and it should be what you like.  If wearing sequin shorts makes you feel like a rock star than you should wear them!  I am so sick of hearing people make comments that fat people shouldn't wear _______ or that tall skinny people should stay away from________. Seriously???  Life is too short to be boxed in.  Putting yourself in a box/adhering to fashion conventions only serves to solidify the stereotype that only certain bodies can wear certain things.  Haven't we evolved past that thinking?  I know what you are saying to yourself: Izzy, I hear you but what about the designers who don't design for my body? It's true.  As fatshionistas, we are sometimes relegated to what is at our disposal.  It seems a bit disingenuous to tell a size 32 person to "make it work" when the majority of clothes out there won't/don't work for that size. Well now what?  I don't have all the answers but I do know that if we continue to advocate for ourselves and each other changes in the industry will occur.  I'm not just talking about advocating for all the size 20's just because that is the size you happen to be.  I'm talking about advocating for the body to your right or the body to your left no matter how different it may be from your own.  In social work there is a term called "we-ness"--it is essentially the cultivation and promotion of a common agenda and vision and the belief that as a unit, we must commit ourselves to moving that agenda/vision forward.  So what should our agenda be? I believe it should be that all bodies have equal access to fashions/styles that make the individual wearing them feel fabulous, empowered, and just plain beautiful. In war it is a common conception that a soldier fights not for himself or herself on the battlefield but for the person next to him/her.   Now let's all espouse that notion and do the same...


Top: Banana Republic
Pants: Gap
Belt: Talbots
Shoes: F21
Clutch: Purchased from Canal Street in NYC
Glasses: UO
Bangle: Ashley Stewart
Earrings: ASOS

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Full-Figured Fashion Week Runway Event


I hope everyone's week is progressing nicely! As promised, here are the pics from the culminating event--the fashion show/awards ceremony.  I want to apologize in advance for the pic quality (story of my life huh?).  My iPhone died prior to us arriving and I had to use Rosa's (which for some reason wasn't taking great pics).  We didn't stay for the awards ceremony but we were able to see model Ashley Graham get her award for Best Plus Model.  Although our vantage wasn't the greatest, her beauty is truly undeniable.  I was also able to (finally) meet SKORCH Magazine founder Jessica Kane who looked very vivacious in a floral strapless dress by Torrid.   On our way from the bathroom, Rosa spotted Madeline Figueroa-Jones of Plus Model Magazine and I was able to snag a pic with her.  The other times I had seen her, she was being mobbed!  It was as though the plus-sized gods intervened to give me a small window within which to make my move! All in all, the night was wonderful.  Many of the pieces were inspiring and cutting edge.  I was absolutely fell in love the colorful feathered skirt by one of the featured designers...it screamed FIERCE! Much kudos is due to Gwen Devoe (below in the red) and her team for organizing such a phenomenal week.  As a newbie blogger, it was definitely an eye-opening experience for me.  I also feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from truly amazing women. As someone who is still navigating the blogging/plus-sized fashion world, I am so excited for all the exceptional things on the horizon for our plus-sized community.

Me and SKORCH Magazine Founder Jessica Kane (photo courtesy of Jessica Kane


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holla, it's my birthday! + Announcing the winner of the Visa GC!


Today is my birthday! ::does happy birthday jig:: Yes, 32 years ago today, I was birthed. Although I am not one to put too much stock in birthdays, I think I may act the fool today.  I'd say my bday is off to a good start so far because look what I got:

clockwise from left
1) Mr. T card.  It talks! I think he says something about inflicting physical pain on those who forget my birthday...awesome!
2) Forever 21 GC.  Because, well...is a reason really necessary?
3) Sephora GC. I'm comprised of the major food groups: clothes, makeup, and peanut butter
4) Coupons for laxatives. I should be embarrassed for including these in the picture huh??? Well you know what? I'm not.  It's my bday, go kick rocks.
5) Estee Lauder nail polish in purple passion
6) Amazon GC. Time to free some of my items from shopping cart purgatory!

I'd like to shout out Rosa for being such a thoughtful friend.  Any person that includes coupons for laxatives as part of a bday present has a special place in my heart. 

And this is what I wore today:

Skirt: Victoria's Secret (on clearance for $15!)
Top: Forever 21
Tank: ASOS
Earrings: Pieces via ASOS (gold sold out)
Readers: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Style & Co via Macy's

So now I'd like to announce the winner of the Visa Gift Card!

Congratulations to Adesuwa for winning the gift card!! You chose Box A so you win a $35 Visa gift card!

Thanks to those who entered!
Be on the lookout for another giveaway this week!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

When all is said and done...


I am writing you from the (presently) quiet solitude that is my home.  I arrived in Boston this afternoon and I could not be happier to be home.  I had such an unbelievable time at FFF Week.  I got to meet amazing people (Nicole of A Well-Rounded Venture; Jessica Kane founder of SKORCH Magazine, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, and Madeline Figueroa-Jones Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine just to name a few), participate in really interesting and inspirational workshops, and got to witness my first runway fashion show!  I wanted to share with you the photos of my journey so you too can see the sights I saw.  If I had a "do over" I probably would've brought my DSLR camera and iPad.  The former because the quality of the photos I was able to take with my iphone left something to be desired.  The latter because "live blogging" with my iphone was difficult and frustrating!  I plan on sharing the photos from the actual fashion show later this week but for now, here are the rest of the pics.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank to all of you who read and comment on my blog. As an a newbie blogger, your support means more than I can express!

The view from my hotel room

Me  and Georgette of www.grownandcurvywoman.com at the "Building Your Brand Through Social Media" workshop. If you don't know Georgette you need to check out her blog...she exudes confidence in every pose and her style is impeccable (not to mention she's a sweetheart with an absolutely radiant personality and smile)!

Rosa and I attended the "Curves and Cocktails" networking event at the District 36 nightclub. This is a pic of the featured musical act, the Curvy Cabaret, a group of curvy and talented sistahs!

Here I am posing in one of the hotel hallways. Rosa and I had just attended the "Curves in the City" shopping event which featured several plus-size retailers. I am wearing a vintage beaded capelet, eloquii skinny jeans in Astoria wash and ON pointed flats.

A close-up. I have a "five-head" (big forehead) don't I??? sheesh!

Wares from Canal Street

Me on Canal Street trying on "Gaga" shades...I didn't buy them...

Just me

Rosa and I stayed with my brother and his girlfriend in Harlem the last 2 days of our trip.  To show our appreciation, I cooked them dinner consisting of chicken drumsticks in a tomato-based sauce, jasmine rice, and roasted baby red potatoes....it was yummy!

Meet Marly.  Marly is my brother's cat.  She was laid out on the floor the almost entire time I stayed with him.  This is a pic of one of the rare times I caught her up and about.

Ok, confession time.  I spent the majority of my time in NYC chasing after the "Nut Guy".  You know who he is.  He sells those delicious varieties of sugar-coated nuts.  The "Nut Guy" is also in Boston but I have to travel a ways just to find him and taste his deliciousness.  In NYC, the "Nut Guy" was practically on every street corner...I was in heaven.  Every time I got a bag, I would giggle like a little kid and skip off into the sunset.  It was that serious.

Posing  with Alvin (from "Alvin and the Chipmunks") and Spongebob.  Spongebob was a bit jealous.

F21 in Times Square: After taking this pic, I was grabbed by the elbow by one of F21's many security staff and told that taking pics was not allowed. I think they thought I was casing the joint. That, or they thought I was going to steal one of the million types of neon or leopard printed shirts they had in the store.

My son "Nugget".  Nugget greeted me with a gift of a half-eaten container of chocolate chip cookies. "What happened to the rest of them?" I asked while staring at the five or so cookies that remained.  He responded with: "I got them for you Mommy but I had to taste them".

Friday, June 15, 2012

A good morning...


I'm still in the cozy confines of my bed and am thinking about what an amazing night I had last night. Rosa and I met up for dinner with my girl Ruthie (we went to grad school together) and had delicious BBQ at a place called Brother's BBQ in Manhattan. We then went to a networking event at the District 36 nightclub. I spotted Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista and had to snag a pic with her! Although I was acting like a crazy groupie, she was extremely gracious and polite. Today Rosa and I are headed to a FFF Week shopping event and then have the rest of the day free. There's soooo much I want to do and too little time!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We be bloggin'


I am here in NYC at my first FFF week event, 'Building Your Brand Through Social Media'! The atmosphere in the room is high energy. The women are beautiful. I see a lot fellow bloggers here and am looking forward to what the panelists have to say!

Below is a quick pic of panel moderator Marie Denee and FFF week organizer Gwen Devoe (these women are absolutely stunning in person).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Box A?...or Box B?


Sorry for not posting this weekend as promised! Despite my bummery for not posting, I want you to know that I had a great weekend! I got to catch up with an old friend and get a mani pedi at my local nail salon.  With three kids, it's hard to find time to do anything so I was very happy to have a few hours to myself to unwind.  I also got my Canon Rebel T3 DSLR! It was an early bday gift to myself (which "ahem* is the 19th of this month by the way...).  The camera will allow me to step my pic game up significantly and I'm now  trying to become acquainted with the camera. This week is the start of Full Figured Fashion Week and I'm looking forward to meeting all the people that make the fatshion world so amazing! I will be blogging live from different venues so be sure to check out my blog to get updates on what is going on! Here is a list of the events I will be attending:

Thursday (arrival):
  • Workshop: Building your brand through social media
  • FFFweek @ Bloomingdales: A shopping event
  • Curves, connections, and cocktails: A networking event
  • SKORCH TV Launch Party* (If you didn't already know, I'm a blogger editor for SKORCH Magazine)
  • Curves in the city: A shopping event
  • Torrid mixer*
  • FFFweek fashion showcase & awards ceremony (the culminating event)
*=invite only events


So I thought I'd add a little mystery and intrigue to today's giveaway.  I have two (2) VISA gift cards of different values.  One is in "Box A" the other is in "Box B".  I won't tell you which gift card is in which box...you have to choose!  Each card's value is over $20. To enter all you have to do is:

1) follow me on Google Connect or BlogLovin'
2) "like" this blog on Facebook
3) comment below with your email addy and the "box" you are selecting...you can only pick one!

Want to increase your odds?  Follow me on Twitter to be entered TWICE! Make sure you let me know what Twitter handle you are following me under!!


The deadline for this giveaway is Thursday, June 14 at 12:00pm EST!  Good Luck!