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Monday, October 24, 2011

I love hue: Pink

Fall is hands down my favorite season. The rich variegated colors of the leaves. The crisp coolness of the wind. And the smells and sounds that accompany both of those. Ahhhh!!! In my opinion, with the advent of Fall is the introduction of colorful clothing that is unparalleled by any other season. Fabrics seem to exude a certain vibrancy, patent shoes seem to shimmer and sparkle like an iridescent pond, and diaphanous scarves dance in the wind. When I received my catalog from Talbots today, my breath literally caught in my throat. I know I spoke about Talbots before in an earlier post but I cannot stress the following: They have seriously stepped up their game. I am coveting an innumerable number of items from their Fall line but I wanted to showcase a few pieces that I have my eye on...

Talbots double-faced wool pencil skirt / $139

1. I have been searching for a pink wool pencil skirt for a couple of months now and I was pleased to see the one offered by Talbots. Boden's has a similar one as well but Talbots' version seems to be a true pencil shape. In my eyes, this skirt--paired with some black patent heels and a showstopper top--can do no wrong.

Dents classic leather color gloves / $71

Talbots italian leather gloves / $99

2. The first pair of gloves is currently in my "saved items" cart at ASOS. Over the pond, Dents is a well known and respected brand. They offer other leather goods as well. These gloves are just what I need to spice up my winter wardrobe. Incidentally, Talbots also has a similar (silk-lined) offering but they are a bit longer than I would like (see above).

Talbots turnlock suede clutch / $89

3. I was never into clutches until I saw the ones offered by ASOS and then I began to take notice. I also noticed how other bloggers were accessorizing theirs. Normally, I would introduce a clutch into an outfit if it was going to add the right amount of color. Recently, I've been seeing colored clutches paired with other colors in a way that has me completely intrigued. Marigold-colored clutches paired with teal shoes. Red clutches pictured cobalt blue pants. An emerald clutch matched with an silky orange top. This is definitely a trend I am willing to try once I find the perfect colored clothing item I would like to pair this particular clutch with. The one you see above is by Talbots and is simply luxe.

Are there any Fall accessories you've had your eye on? What textures and fabrics have you been drawn to? Please tell me about it!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A lament...

So I have some bad news...my camera is broken! Well, I actually smashed it in a fury but still. So this means that my outfit posts are going to be on pause temporarily until I get my act together. Luckily, I did take some outfit pics pre-smashage so I can definitely share those with you.

Quick vent: what the heck is up with all the leopard patterned...everything I am seeing lately? It's a bit overkill in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I am all for animal prints in small doses but this trend seems to be on steroids or something. What do you all think? It seems that everywhere I turn I'm seeing something that shouldn't be in leopard print completely covered in it...let's give this trend a rest ok? ok. thanks.

So onto the pics...I want to share with you a couple of pics of me in my tribal tunic dress from Fashion to Figure. It was my very first purchase from them ever since seeing this particular piece on Gabi's blog. I had it in my closet forever and finally decided to dust it off and see how I could style it. I'm on the fence of the pic of me with a red clutch. My inital thought was to give the outfit some color because I can't do 100% monochromatic anything. I don't know if the sheen from the clutch throws it all off--it seems as though the red should be more of a muted red...what do you think? The actual tunic is divine. It is super soft and has amazing stretch to it. The one thing I do not like about it is the fact that it has attached sleeves. I remedied that problem by using a belt which I think gives the tunic a bit more contour.

And because I am who I am, I decided to take another pic of me with a black clutch. I don't know which I like better though...

Tunic/Dress: Fashion to Figure
Boots: Eddie Bauer
Belt: Style & Co via Macy's
Bracelet: Ashley Stewart
Earrings: H&M
Red patent clutch: Aldo's
Black satin clutch: Payless

Since purchasing this piece, I've made several purchases at FTF since. They seem to be a great company who are very attuned to their client base. I am looking forward to see what else they have in store in the coming weeks!

Be sure to stay tuned for more outfit posts and some additional contests! Please comment below and let me know what you think about the outfit!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not too shabby...

I initially heard about Shabby Apple through a friend and since then I've been in absolute love with their dresses. I recently decided to take the plunge and buy the Baja striped dress which I had been eyeing for a while. Since the XL was out of stock, I purchased the large and couldn't be more happier with the style of the dress. The large is a bit snug on me but the fabric does have some stretch to it. I decided to throw on my Gap skinny belt in wine which I think adds a nice pop of color. I am also wearing my fave Corso Como pumps in a luscious patent red.

Dress: Shabby Apple Baja dress (size large)
Earrings: H&M (they are a few years old)
Shoes: Corso Como "Delicious" pumps in patent red (the most comfy pumps ever!)

Before purchasing anything from the site, I encourage you to search the web for coupon code as they are frequently issued by the company.  This dress was on sale for about $44 plus I used a 15% of coupon! Also, there is free shipping on standard domestic orders! For those that are curious, Shabby Apple sizing does go up to an XL.  They also have select plus size offerings as well.

My next buy from Shabby Apply will most likely be the Gondola dress shown below.  Look how pretty the green is with those blue and white stripes!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Announcing the winner of the Ashley Stewart dress...

Although I was expecting a bigger response to my first ever contest on my blog, I am grateful to those that entered.  So without further delay, the winner of the contest is...

ZeeZee! Congrats ZeeZee! I will be in touch with you very soon! For everyone else, if you missed the chance to enter this particular contest don't fret! There will be other opportunities to win more great stuff on the horizon! Don't forget to follow my blog!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

The elephant in the room...

Being a bit bored today I decided to bust out all my jewelry-making things and make some pieces.  Here is a necklace I made today that I am especially proud of.
I never keep jewelry I make, I either end up gifting or giving away. Interested in seeing more? Be sure to visit my "Izzygetscraftsy" page! Be sure to visit my blog in the next couple weeks to find out how you can win this very necklace!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Want to shop my wardrobe?

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OOTPP: Outfits of the Post Preggy and win an Ashley Stewart dress!

Hello Lovelies!
It's been a while but I'm back in the building! Surely, you didn't think I'd be gone forever did you? So, I am officially post preggy and am getting used to being a mom for the THIRD time.  It's only been three weeks but I truly can't wait to get back in form (pre-preggy shape) so I can share all of my clothing finds with you! I managed to convince the hubby to take some pics for me and wanted to share with you some outfit posts. I am actually giving away the Ashley Stewart dress so read on to see how you can snatch it up!

Dress: Forever 21 (1x)
Earrings : Forever 21

So I initially bought this dress because I was in love with the colors.  After getting it in the mail., I threw it in my closet and forgot all about it. I'm kind of on the fence about it still because the silhouette is not something I'm accustomed to.  I'm also not in love with the ties at the waist...a smocked waistline would have been 100 times better in my opinion.
 A plus though, definitely the puff shoulders--just the right touch of whimsy.
Verdict: Ehh...


Dress: Forever 21

So I don't know how I feel about this dress either.  I love the pattern which is why I purchased it in the first place.  As we all know, F21 sizing is extremely wonky.  I am usually a 1X in their clothing (which this dress is) but it seems that I should have purchased this in a 2x. I love the fact that is zips in the back but dislike the fact that it is as short as it is.  I guess no bending down to pick up lost change while in this baby!
Verdict: Ehh...


Camisole: Sweet Nothings via Walmart
Pants: Rainbows
Top: Akira (one size fits all)
Belt: Forever 21 (main range)

I love, love, love this outfit.  I wish I had a slouchy leather satchel to go along with it! I copped the pants from my local Rainbows and am surprised by how nice they feel.  The pants are really slinky and have these really cool slouchy pockets.  I'm also loving the top from Akira! They don't cater to plus sizes but there are a lot of pieces that will accommodate a plus sized frame.  This top is very billowy and is sure to be flattering on many body types.


Jacket: H&M faux leather biker jacket (size 14)
Camisole: Sweet Nothings via Walmart
Pant: Forever 21 fringe legging
Belt: American Eagle

So how bad-ass is this outfit? I'm in lurve with this jacket from H&M. What would make it perfection is if I found it in a size 16 as the jacket doesn't actually close on me.  I like the fringe legging from F21 but it has a sheen to it that I'm not really crazy about because it accentuates every bump and lump on my body.  I thought I'd throw on the AE belt to offset the monotony of the black.  Pink (in small doses) always seems to calm me down...

Ok, so this is not an outfit pic obviously but I wanted to show you all my cool hat from ASOS.  For some reason I've been obsessed with bobble hats and had been on the search for a perfect one.  I love the rich teal color of this hat and the fact that the knit is so chunky and substantive. I can't wait to rock this when it gets colder! Oh, excuse the neck naps in the last pic!

So to commemorate my return from preggo-hood, I'd like to offer you all a chance to win this Ashley Stewart wrap dress! It is band spanking new and is a size 14/16 but I think the dress could easily accommodate a size 18.  All you have to do to enter this contest is to follow my blog and leave your email addy in the comments section.  I will be using a random number generator to select the winner.  Enter now, contest will end Monday, October 10th at 8PM EST!