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Monday, June 20, 2011

OOTP (Outfit of the Preggy) 7 months

So this is my first official OOTP post for my blog. I've been hesitant to post outfit posts as of late because I've been feeling so...so...unattractive. Yeah, I know what they say about pregnant woman and the "pregnancy glow" but that sure as hell doesn't apply to me. I've easily gained 50lbs this pregnancy which is the most I've ever gained being pregnant. I've been doing my best to make the clothes I already own work so that I'm not spending a lot of money on a new mat wardrobe. It's been difficult though. I had given my sister much of my maternity clothing when she was pregnant with her twins and when I discovered I was pregnant again, I realized that I didn't have any maternity clothes! Luckily, the belly band has been a savior-- I bought 2 of those bad boys! In any case, be on the lookout for future preggy outfit posts, I can't promise I'll be smiling in all of them though!

 Maxi dress: Forever 21 (anything with smocking is my best friend) // 1x
Shrug: Purchased from eBay awhile ago // xl
Shoes (not really visible) : Corso Como (soooooo comfy!)

A side shot

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another year older...

So my birthday is on Sunday and I can’t help but feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing with my life.  Am I the only one who goes through this every year?  I also don’t know how I feel about my bday falling on Father’s Day this year.  The hubby made a point of writing on the dry erase calendar on our fridge “Father’s Day” in what would be the equivalent of an 18 point font.  Next to his note was an even smaller note with an arrow pointing to the 19th that read “wife’s bday”. I had to squint really hard to see that one….

This is also the first year that I’ve made a birthday wish list for myself.  The hubby asks me every year what I want and I always give him the same answer.  Here is how the convo usually goes:

Hubby:  So your birthday is coming up.  What do you want?

Me: Just your continued love and affection.  Also, appreciation for the things that I do.

Hubby:  Um, no seriously, what do you want?

This year I thought I’d do him a favor and avoid coveting anything intangible (if you’re a guy, how the heck are you supposed to gift wrap love and affection??).  I set out in earnest to make a list and it consisted of the following:
My guess is that he'll probably get me the Flip camcorder because the other things are a bit pricey.  We'll see how it all goes down.  I'll probably end up with the Tron Blueray and a gift certificate to a spa.

Monday, June 13, 2011

How did this happen?

I consider myself to be very well-intentioned.  A lot of my best projects were started because I felt very strongly about the end result. For example, I took up sewing because I wanted to have more control over what my children and I were wearing.  A new project or goal in my life is to become more organized.  I've purchased my share of plastic bins and baskets and unfortunately, they are languishing in my basement somewhere.  I opened the door to my closet to have my shoes pour out at my feet like some crazy, wayward, river.  How can I even begin to corral this, this...mess? Any ideas would be greatly appeciated!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stylish, trendy, plus-sized maternity clothes: Like unicorns and fairies, do you even exist?

So I guess designers of plus size maternity wear must hold the belief that women who are pregnant and plus size do not want to look good.  For those of you who would feel inclined to direct me to Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, or some other chain I say this:  they just don’t cut it in the looks, quality, or price department (IMO). The tops I have purchased from Old Navy either look extremely tent-ish or are now crop tops (there is such a thing as washing clothes too much people). My lack of a sophisticated stylish wardrobe has me rummaging through my husband’s drawers for clothes...and let me tell you, he’s not too happy about it. If you have suggestions on where I could find reasonably priced, stylish clothing that is plus-sized I will love you forever. FYI, I'm currently 270, 5'3, and wear an 18/20/22/whatever-fits-these-days.

I was looking for a "flames" icon to superimpose on this image but alas, I couldn't find one.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't sleep on...Talbots

Many younger women tend to write off Talbots as that "old lady" store.  However, if you've visited their site recently, you'll quickly find that this is no longer the case.  In an attempt to attract a younger clientele, Talbots has decided to update it's image.  While you may still find some classic pieces, pearls and thick woolens have given way to a fresher, more vibrant silhouette and line.  Case in point:

Talbots straight sizing goes up to a 20 and they also have a Women's (read plus size) line that goes up to a 24W.  While their pieces may be out of the price range of most (me included), they regularly have sales and promotions.  I will definitely be waiting to see what else Talbots has in store.

Hold you down...

Some people are not a fan of shapewear due to its naturally constricting characteristics.  I, for one, appreciate anything that will have me looking from "okay" to "va-va-voom" in a matter of seconds.  That being said, I tend to opt for shapewear that is not too bunchy or too heavy.  Throughout my life, I've probably spent hundreds of dollars on shapewear.  Some have been great disappointments and others are definitely worthy of a mention.  One such brand is "Sweet Nothings", a subsidiary of Maidenform.  Sweet Nothings is carried in Walmart stores and are very reasonable price-wise. They have both straight sized and plus sizes.   Here are a few items I have purchased from the brand that I absolutely swear by.

Get the Skinny Shapewear Leggings

These leggings are absolutely fabulous.  They feel great and are not too constricting.  Although I'd fit into the XXL, I tend to size down to get a more fitted look. These have a midriff flattening panel which is very sturdy which is a definite plus.

Get the Skinny Firm Control Tank

Like the leggings above, I have this in an XL.  I actually have two of these-one is black and the other is black with lace edging.  This tank has a midriff flattening panel as well (most of their pieces do) and dramatically reduces stomach and back bulge!

Sweet Nothings Convertible Strapless Bra

Before purchasing this bra, I had one strapless bra in my arsenal.  It is a Lilyette and is not the most comfortable.  This bra is the most phenomenal strapless bra I have ever tried on...it actually stay put when it is on! No more adjusting and picking at the side of your bras ladies! This bra comes with straps so you have the option of having straps or not.  I purchased this in the 42D in black  and it fits like a glove.  I may get one in every color!