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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Izzygetsshrinky: trying again...


I want to start my post off by saying I feel gross.  Yes, I am still battling a cold but that is not the reason why I feel gross.  When I started this blog, I initially had a section called "Izzygetsshrinky" where I wanted to chronicle my weight loss journey.  After giving birth to my daughter last September, I lost about 30lbs and was really proud of myself for making substantive changes to my diet and lifestyle.  Recently, I have been back-sliding and I feel totally unhealthy as a result.  Not only do I feel unhealthy, but I am unhealthy as evidenced by my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and a host of other clinical health determinants.  My physical state has also begun to impact my mental state in that I am feeling depressed and withdrawn.  This attitude has also started to adversely impact my relationship with my hubby and my kids which to me, is unacceptable.  I've made up my mind to take baby steps to improve my health and invite you all to witness this journey. For many of you, weight is a sensitive topic and by no means do I want to alienate anyone by making it the focal point of this blog.  I would, however, be remiss if I did not acknowledge the topic and let you know my plans for change.  To keep myself accountable to my fitness and weight loss goals, I plan on posting my progress every other Sunday. This is me not wanting to skinny but wanting to be healthy.  I owe it to my kids who don't deserve to have their mom tell them "another day" each time they ask to go to the park. If you are going through a similar journey and would like to be virtual fitness buddies, please do drop me a line!  You can also find me on My Fitness Pal under the name "Izzygetsbizzy". Let's do this!

And because I didn't want to post without sharing a pic, here is a pic of me in my (now returned) kimono top from Tarjay.  I returned it because I felt it looked a bit frumpy (I'm wearing the XXL) and it made my shoulders look too broad.  Also, I was trying to experiment with the color teal but clearly, it is teal overload!  Although the top didn't work out for me, I strongly recommend Tarjay's ponte skirt from Mossimo which comes in an array of colors and is super stretchy and comfy!
Top: Tarjay
Belt: NY & Co
Skirt: Tarjay
Shoes: GAP
Necklace: ASOS
Hat: H&M
Clutch: Payless

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sequin Sequence

I hope you all are well! I’ve been battling a cold for the past several days and have been dragging physically.  I’m not yet 100% but I wanted to post so you all didn’t think I had forgotten about you!  I went to a friend’s wedding this past Saturday and had an absolute blast.  It was in NYC and it was so glitzy and glamorous!  I wore my Monif C Alexandra dress for the occasion.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any full body pics to showcase but my hubby did happen to take this pic of me after my 5th Sex on the Beach. So this is what happens when you're kid-free and in the presence of an open bar:

So today’s outfit was aptly inspired by my glitzy glammy weekend in NYC.  I’m not a Kardashian fan but I spotted these pants from the Kardashian Kollection line on Sears.com and they were marked down really low.  Although the notion of financially supporting the Kardashians makes my stomach turn, I felt that the fattitude I would be radiating with these pants would help quelch my disdain for the clan.
These pants are actually sequined harem pants but on me, they look like straight up leggings. I didn’t mind this too much because surprisingly, the pants are well-made and comfortable (who would’ve thunk it?).  I initially decided to pair the pants with my blazer from the Gap but then decided to try the ensemble with my recently-copped Forever 21 blazer which is such a beautiful, vivid pink.  Admittedly, I’m an F21 stalker and I tend to snag items I know for a fact will sell out quickly…this blazer was no exception and literally sold out in 3 days.   I really didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy with this outfit but I couldn’t resist sporting my new Dolce Vita Boston platforms.  These babies are so comfortable and look absolutely amazing in person! I'm also including a pic of me in my newly acquired ASOS sequin skirt which is from the main range and super duper stretchy. I like the skirt because it is high waisted but I do not like the fact that it accentuates everything...and I mean everything (see below).

I don't really know what I was trying to achieve with my hair...it's a curly mullet!
Blazer: Gap (sold out online)
Necklace: Heiress Boutique in Boston
Earrings: Ashley Stewart
Blazer: F21

Close up of my pump
Why, helloooooo tummy!!!
Skirt: ASOS

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Style Izzy!

I'm so happy today for two reasons.  My health insurance approved neurophsycological testing for my son! As I mentioned in another post, my son has special needs requires a lot of services. It was recently recommended that he undergo a neuropsych evaluation.  These evals can cost upwards of two thousand dollars in some cases and health insurance companies don't typically approve them unless there is a medical necessity.  Well, I had a consultation with a psychologist recently who told me that he believed he could make a compelling case for it to be covered 100%.  I received word today that it was covered in full and I am so ecstatic!  This means my son is one step closer to getting a diagnosis and subsequently getting the specialized treatment he needs.  I literally feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

The other (more superficial) reason for my happiness is that my dress that I won on eBay arrived recently.  I thought it would be fun to give you all a chance to style me in this dress.  All you have to do is select the shoes, makeup, jewelry and clutch from each category (i.e  1, 5, 9 ,12, 14, 19).  If nothing suits your fancy, you are welcome to make other suggestions as well.  I will then style the outfit based on the number of "votes" for an item in each category (for example, if most people select #1 for my shoes, I will style the outfit with those shoes).  I will take a picture of the finished product once enough votes are received.  Are you ready???? Let's do this!!!

Dress: INC

Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Teal appeal...


Today I wanted to wear my teal shoes I got from Talbot's a few days ago.  The color is so beautiful and I wanted to wear a top that would do them justice.  I sometimes craft outfits in my head and depending on how that mental picture looks, I either decide to wear the outfit or I scrap it altogether.  This is one of those outfits that passed the mental picture test.  However, there is something about the ensemble that makes me feel like something is missing.  Maybe I should have worn a lighter pant?  Perhaps the teal is too much?  I love the way the shirt looks but I don't think it looks great on me.  It's a shame because anyone who knows me knows that I am all about high-neck shirts and voluminous sleeves.  Also,  I wish that I could wear the shirt over my hips instead of tucked in.  I purchased it from ASOS' main range and the thing refuses to go past my hips! Also, if I had a do-over, I probably would have opted for a pant with a tapered leg as the ones I am wearing are more of a boot cut.  What do you think of the outfit?  What do you think is missing/wrong with it?

Top: ASOS (no longer online)
Pant: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Talbots
Clutch: Payless (I seriously need to buy another black clutch!)
Belt: Talbots
Earrings: Ashley Stewart

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My JC shoes came yesterday! So I've been stalking the Jeffrey Campbell "Starburst" boot for like 2 years (no lie).  Imagine my glee when I finally found them!  Not only did I find them but they were $30 less than what I was going to pay for them at Free People. I have to tip my hat to the folks at Jildor Shoes because they really made my millenium (wipes tear from eye).

To celebrate the arrival of my shoes, I decided to dress up.  Be forewarned, this isn't your typical Izzygetsbizzy post.    I have an alter-ego and her name is Ladeeka Leeka (Luh-deek-uh Lee-kuh) and she doesn't take ish from no one. Seriously, this is me in serious bad-a$$ mode.  Like, you-better-not-cut-me-in-line bad-a$$.  Consider this your formal introduction...

Shoe porn *drool*

Top: Nasty Gal
Clutch: Payless
Legging: ASOS
Earring: Ashley Stewart
Bracelet: Belt from Baby Phat (converted into a bracelet)
Gold chain waistlet: Necklace tucked into belt
Boot: Jeffrey Campbell "Starburst" boot

As you can see from the pics, I was undecided about my chain waistlet...which is why you see one pic with it and the other without.I'll let you be the judge...yay or nay?