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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something awesome this way comes...

...meekly looks around...
Is anybody here???

Hello Dolls!

I can't believe it's been over since months since my last post! Wowsers! I am super excited today because of today's MONUMENTAL Supreme Court ruling! As a GLBT/Q ally, I am so very happy that this day has come.  I know I don't get political on this blog but there are some things that should just be and that is the purveyance/pursuit of equality for ALL.  Whenever I hear someone say, "I believe in equality but [fill in the blank]", my skin literally crawls.  There should not be any contingencies or qualifiers placed on what is just. #thatisall

For those that have stuck with me this far I have something wonderful in the works that I will be unveiling in the next couple months. Remember how I said that I would be opening my own online store?  Well, a brunt of my time has been focused on this endeavor as of late and I intend on rocking the socks off the plus size fashion community.  Big talk huh? Well I fully believe in speaking things into existence so slowly, I've been eliminating "I hope", "Perhaps", and "Maybe" from my vocabulary. I definitely encourage you to try it--it's so liberating!

So, consider this my comeback post. I will be blogging more regularly (as my time permits...I do have 3 kids after all) and thank you all for sticking with me!  I plan on a badass giveaway in a week so please be on the lookout.  It's my way of saying "Thanks for hanging around".  ;-)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goings on + recent buys!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing holiday!

I know it's been a long time between blog posts and I promise to do better in 2013.  My life has been a bit crazy with my new job, family obligations and just plain life!  I thank you for the numerous "check-in" emails I've received and appreciate you for sticking with me for this long! Just to prove to you that I'm only a slacker when blogging is concerned, here are some of the notable things I've done since November:

Yanked a tooth

Got freaked out by a rat...lolz @James' face!

Brined a turkey...it's buttermilk in case you're wondering!

Painted my nails (well, one hand...I always get too lazy to do the other hand...)

Went to  "Medieval Manor" for Rosa's bday

Tried sun-dried basil chicken sausage...tasted worse than it looked

Spent time with my "little sister" (by the way, if you have the time, please consider being a Big Sister/Brother!)

Dropped toys off at a shelter

Built a dollhouse...took me 5 hours but luckily I had this!

Bought stuff

Baked cookies

Watched "Sabrina"

Painted my nails

Bought stuff

Makes me look extra busy right? He he he.....

So several posts ago I shared with you my plan to open my own online clothing shop. I have put this plan on hold for now and have been focused on designing and crafting my own line of skirts!  I don't want to share too much right now because everything is still in the conceptualization phase but I encourage you to stay with me to see what awesomeness I have planned for 2013! Here is a sneak peak of a smocked skirt/dress I made for my daughter Ava.  I am working on mine as we speak and will be sure to model it when it's done!

Isn't the pattern and color fierce??? For those that can't tell, the pattern is a series of Africa continents that have this cool gilded effect....all on a fuchsia background! :swoons:

So I want to talk a bit about recent purchases. I know I'm not the only one who took advantage of all the sales this month and in November.  I'm not gonna even lie, I was pressing the "submit order" button so much that I formed a callous on my index finder! Here are some of the things I've purchased recently:

Bought the entire outfit
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Pencil Skirt In Sequin

I've been eyeing this Zara bag forever and finally got it! I'm still waiting for it to arrive...

My first pair of Frye boots!

Peplum pants! I've been sweating peplum pants ever since I spied Nastygal's version.  These aren't the exact same but they're close.  I got them here in a size L and they fit great with room to spare!

Bought a Furby...ok, so I bought it for my son but still.  Have you seen these things??? How you treat them affects their personality! I'm scared  to go home now because the Furby we have has turned evil from the kids mistreating it!  It talks in a gravelly voice, burps, and laughs maniacally for no reason...there is no OFF button people!! It's like I always say, it's all fun and games until your Furby turns evil and wants to murk you in your sleep.

Now it's time for you to fess up! What big/small purchases have you made recently?  Is there anything you've been eyeing but haven't yet bought? Please share!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seeing red

Hi All!

I've been heavily perusing the webs lately for perfect fall/winter pieces in rich red hues.  Whatever shade of red you are into, oxblood, claret, wine, or burgundy there is no denying that this color is perfect for many of  the current fall/winter fashion trends.  I've recently pinned many items to my Pinterest board in the hopes of amassing a virtual clothing collection as rich and variegated as the color itself. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect velvet legging in a burgundy color and saw these leggings that literally made me gasp.

Isn't the color perfection?  Of course the challenge in finding the perfect velvet legging is making sure that said legging comes in your size (lamentably this one does not).
I've was also able to snag the ultimate holiday dress by way of Monif C.  The vibrant color of this dress literally made my heart flutter and I had to snag it when I learned of their $50 off Friends and Family promotion! It is called the "Alexandra" and it is a body hugging, head turning, gasp-inducing creation of utter proportions. See for yourself:
Now, I already own this dress in a gold sparkly color and wore it for New Years 2 years ago.  I wore patent red Corso Comos and felt like a goddess.  Seriously, no one could tell me nothing! Here is a pic of me trying on the dress for the first time:
I also recently spied this little number from River Island and I'm absolutely feeling the lace/peplum combo:
Unfortunately, RI sizes only go up to a US14 so this was purely a "wish I could buy this dress" moment.
If you ever have the patience and the time, eBay and Etsy are also great places to find unique pieces in various shades of red.  Look at this dress I recently came across on eBay:
(ugh, I strongly dislike watermarks)

This dress comes in a plus sizes but the sizing seems to be more Junior's sizing.  It is jersey material which is naturally very stretchy so take that into consideration if you plan on buying!
With regards to baubles and bling, the color red makes me think vintage and old world charm.  I fell in love with these earrings from ASOS because they had such a great vintage feel without looking overly gaudy:
What colors have you been drawn to recently? Have  you been successful in finding pieces that adequately capture the colors you like? Share your finds with me below!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello there.


Thanks so much for hanging with me during my Mariah Carey breakdown.  I'm getting pretty good at this "perspective" thing and now know that everything will be okay when all is said and done.  I'm a big believer in taking baby steps towards your goals and with life in general and so that has been my mantra in recent weeks. In any case, thanks for your support and thanks for showing me continued love. 

So let me tell you a story about my pants.  When I first saw them at Tarjay I was totally like "Ewwww".  But anyone who knows me well knows me that I have a love affair with things that are ugly.  So even though I was like "Ewwww" I found myself passing them like ten times.  But I didn't buy them.  Sometimes Izzy needs to sleep on decisions as major as whether to buy an ugly pair of pants.  And so the next day I went on the Tarjay site to see if I could see a picture of them on a model.  No dice.  Ultimately, I just bought them because the Tarjay site told me to.  Well, not really but with all those glossy headers and colors saying how you can save 20% if you by 3 or more clothing items AND you can get free shipping if you spend over $50....I mean you'd be a dummy not to take advantage right? Right?? *looks around for affirmation*
Funny story for you.  Today I was shadowing a patient at my job and she looks at me and says (very sincerely) "you have such a beautiful face". Now, I'm accustomed to hearing the "you have a pretty face" comment (or some version thereof) and sometimes I accept it and sometimes I feel like messing with the person who issued the compliment.  Today, I felt like the latter.  "Oh?" I replied, "what about the rest of me?" She literally looked me up and down a couple of times then said, "You have nice eyebrows too". womp womp.

Top: F21 (main range)
Pants: Tarjay
Belt: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Brown coinlet: H&M
Teal clutch: F21
Necklace: Anthro
Bangles: F21
Earrings: F21

In closing, I want to say that I'm very sad that the warm weather has gone. I'm definitely a spring/summer gal and tend to get a bit ornery during colder months. I know warm mugs of cocoa sprinkled with nutmeg and footie pajamas should make me happy but they just don't.  You wanna know who is excited by these things? Take one guess.....

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