I'm kind of a big deal...

About Izzy

This is probably my 4th attempt at a blog.  The other ones died a slow death due to lack of updates and my general indifference at their survival.  But this time is going to be different.  I don't like reinforcing the stereotypes of Geminis, that as capricious individuals, we never complete anything we start. I wholly reject that notion! Today is a new day and the start of something great.  While my primary interests are fashion-related, I also love to craft things so I will be showcasing some of my fashion finds but also showing off my creative side. 

This blog is a mix of fashion with some humor and personal stuff thrown in.  I wholeheartedly believe that bloggers should be transparent with their readers and this blog is no exception.  I am a mom of three beautiful, energy-sapping kids; one of whom has special needs.  Some days I will share my outfits with you and other days I will talk about the difficulties of navigating the special education system.   Whatever I decide to write about, you will always get me, stripped down, unabashed, and uncut. That's how it should be.  Welcome to my blog!
Quick and dirty deets:
Age: 32
Hometown: Boston
Hobbies: shopping, reading, being crafsty, watching classic movies (think "Elephant Walk" with Elizabeth Taylor)
Loves: sexy, talented Colin Firth...yum! Oh, and my family too!
You can't tell by looking: I'm pretty darned flexible
Fave past time: baking!
I'd most likely be described as: a nerd (nerds are in!)
Favorite singer: One of my favorite singers is SIA
Favorite food: anything with peanut butter in it or on it

Any other questions for me? Just ask! You can also contact me at izzygetsbizzy@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @izzygetsbizzy