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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something awesome this way comes...

...meekly looks around...
Is anybody here???

Hello Dolls!

I can't believe it's been over since months since my last post! Wowsers! I am super excited today because of today's MONUMENTAL Supreme Court ruling! As a GLBT/Q ally, I am so very happy that this day has come.  I know I don't get political on this blog but there are some things that should just be and that is the purveyance/pursuit of equality for ALL.  Whenever I hear someone say, "I believe in equality but [fill in the blank]", my skin literally crawls.  There should not be any contingencies or qualifiers placed on what is just. #thatisall

For those that have stuck with me this far I have something wonderful in the works that I will be unveiling in the next couple months. Remember how I said that I would be opening my own online store?  Well, a brunt of my time has been focused on this endeavor as of late and I intend on rocking the socks off the plus size fashion community.  Big talk huh? Well I fully believe in speaking things into existence so slowly, I've been eliminating "I hope", "Perhaps", and "Maybe" from my vocabulary. I definitely encourage you to try it--it's so liberating!

So, consider this my comeback post. I will be blogging more regularly (as my time permits...I do have 3 kids after all) and thank you all for sticking with me!  I plan on a badass giveaway in a week so please be on the lookout.  It's my way of saying "Thanks for hanging around".  ;-)



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