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Friday, February 3, 2012

Teal appeal...


Today I wanted to wear my teal shoes I got from Talbot's a few days ago.  The color is so beautiful and I wanted to wear a top that would do them justice.  I sometimes craft outfits in my head and depending on how that mental picture looks, I either decide to wear the outfit or I scrap it altogether.  This is one of those outfits that passed the mental picture test.  However, there is something about the ensemble that makes me feel like something is missing.  Maybe I should have worn a lighter pant?  Perhaps the teal is too much?  I love the way the shirt looks but I don't think it looks great on me.  It's a shame because anyone who knows me knows that I am all about high-neck shirts and voluminous sleeves.  Also,  I wish that I could wear the shirt over my hips instead of tucked in.  I purchased it from ASOS' main range and the thing refuses to go past my hips! Also, if I had a do-over, I probably would have opted for a pant with a tapered leg as the ones I am wearing are more of a boot cut.  What do you think of the outfit?  What do you think is missing/wrong with it?

Top: ASOS (no longer online)
Pant: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Talbots
Clutch: Payless (I seriously need to buy another black clutch!)
Belt: Talbots
Earrings: Ashley Stewart


  1. That top is cute! Great outfit.


  2. I love the blouse!!! Teal is a tricky color but I think the outfit is very stylish. I think your belt ties the outfit together.

  3. You look very cute! Nothing is wrong or missing. It's a versatile top, so I would just say, the next time you wear it, pair it either with tan pants to lighten the outfit, or a skirt to show a little skin. =D


  4. Too cute Izzy! I am definitely feeling the blouse!

  5. I think the for is good, however I would scrap the earrings wear gold studs and wear a gold necklace instead something with volume or layer ( I guess) and a gold cuff or bangles


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