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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't sleep on...Talbots

Many younger women tend to write off Talbots as that "old lady" store.  However, if you've visited their site recently, you'll quickly find that this is no longer the case.  In an attempt to attract a younger clientele, Talbots has decided to update it's image.  While you may still find some classic pieces, pearls and thick woolens have given way to a fresher, more vibrant silhouette and line.  Case in point:

Talbots straight sizing goes up to a 20 and they also have a Women's (read plus size) line that goes up to a 24W.  While their pieces may be out of the price range of most (me included), they regularly have sales and promotions.  I will definitely be waiting to see what else Talbots has in store.

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  1. I'm older than you and really love what Talbots is doing these days. I have the Bardot dress and the Champs-Elysees skirt. This is a good blog, BTW.


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