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Monday, October 24, 2011

I love hue: Pink

Fall is hands down my favorite season. The rich variegated colors of the leaves. The crisp coolness of the wind. And the smells and sounds that accompany both of those. Ahhhh!!! In my opinion, with the advent of Fall is the introduction of colorful clothing that is unparalleled by any other season. Fabrics seem to exude a certain vibrancy, patent shoes seem to shimmer and sparkle like an iridescent pond, and diaphanous scarves dance in the wind. When I received my catalog from Talbots today, my breath literally caught in my throat. I know I spoke about Talbots before in an earlier post but I cannot stress the following: They have seriously stepped up their game. I am coveting an innumerable number of items from their Fall line but I wanted to showcase a few pieces that I have my eye on...

Talbots double-faced wool pencil skirt / $139

1. I have been searching for a pink wool pencil skirt for a couple of months now and I was pleased to see the one offered by Talbots. Boden's has a similar one as well but Talbots' version seems to be a true pencil shape. In my eyes, this skirt--paired with some black patent heels and a showstopper top--can do no wrong.

Dents classic leather color gloves / $71

Talbots italian leather gloves / $99

2. The first pair of gloves is currently in my "saved items" cart at ASOS. Over the pond, Dents is a well known and respected brand. They offer other leather goods as well. These gloves are just what I need to spice up my winter wardrobe. Incidentally, Talbots also has a similar (silk-lined) offering but they are a bit longer than I would like (see above).

Talbots turnlock suede clutch / $89

3. I was never into clutches until I saw the ones offered by ASOS and then I began to take notice. I also noticed how other bloggers were accessorizing theirs. Normally, I would introduce a clutch into an outfit if it was going to add the right amount of color. Recently, I've been seeing colored clutches paired with other colors in a way that has me completely intrigued. Marigold-colored clutches paired with teal shoes. Red clutches pictured cobalt blue pants. An emerald clutch matched with an silky orange top. This is definitely a trend I am willing to try once I find the perfect colored clothing item I would like to pair this particular clutch with. The one you see above is by Talbots and is simply luxe.

Are there any Fall accessories you've had your eye on? What textures and fabrics have you been drawn to? Please tell me about it!


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