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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Full-Figured Fashion Week Runway Event


I hope everyone's week is progressing nicely! As promised, here are the pics from the culminating event--the fashion show/awards ceremony.  I want to apologize in advance for the pic quality (story of my life huh?).  My iPhone died prior to us arriving and I had to use Rosa's (which for some reason wasn't taking great pics).  We didn't stay for the awards ceremony but we were able to see model Ashley Graham get her award for Best Plus Model.  Although our vantage wasn't the greatest, her beauty is truly undeniable.  I was also able to (finally) meet SKORCH Magazine founder Jessica Kane who looked very vivacious in a floral strapless dress by Torrid.   On our way from the bathroom, Rosa spotted Madeline Figueroa-Jones of Plus Model Magazine and I was able to snag a pic with her.  The other times I had seen her, she was being mobbed!  It was as though the plus-sized gods intervened to give me a small window within which to make my move! All in all, the night was wonderful.  Many of the pieces were inspiring and cutting edge.  I was absolutely fell in love the colorful feathered skirt by one of the featured designers...it screamed FIERCE! Much kudos is due to Gwen Devoe (below in the red) and her team for organizing such a phenomenal week.  As a newbie blogger, it was definitely an eye-opening experience for me.  I also feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from truly amazing women. As someone who is still navigating the blogging/plus-sized fashion world, I am so excited for all the exceptional things on the horizon for our plus-sized community.

Me and SKORCH Magazine Founder Jessica Kane (photo courtesy of Jessica Kane



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