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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The one with the animal print...


I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post today since I wasn't completely satisfied with my outfit but then I was like, "what the heck!"  I also wanted  you all to see the animal print batwing top I bought from Marshall's a couple days ago.  If you told me a year ago that I would be loving animal prints I would have laughed in your face.  I have changed my tune since then because I've seen how it can turn a "blah" outfit into a "shazam" outfit! This particular top is very lightweight and sheer--perfect for summer! I'm going to try to take more pics outdoors so you all can look at something other than the corner of my living room.  These pics were a bit impromptu and I apologize for the less than stellar background scenery.  If I had a do-over I probably would've added some bangles, a clutch and worn a skinny leg pant. Alas, we can't win 'em all!

Top: Ultra Pink via Marshall's
Cami: H&M
Pant: Elementz via Macy's
Belt: GAP
Shoes: Avenue
Necklace: F21
Earrings ASOS

Image 2 of ASOS Peace Sign Hoop Earrings
Pics of the earrings I'm wearing.  They're kinda major.


  1. This looks rather slimming on you n. it too over the top well put together

  2. Like how you incorportated one animal print item into your outfit. I cant stand when I see someone head to toe in animal print! You did it properly!

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