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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hairy Knuckle...


I was looking at my hands today and realized that I have some hairy a$$ knuckles!  What does one due with hairy knuckles? Shave them? Braid them?  I mean seriously these are some hairy lumberjack knuckles!If I had a bar or restaurant I think I would like to call it "The Hairy Knuckle" just so I can say "Welcome to The Hairy Knuckle what would you like today?" #okimdone

Today was a floral day.  I purchased this bed jacket from Amazon last year and only wore it once.  I had it up for sale for the longest time and recently decided to get reacquainted with it. I've been loving all the florals I've been seeing lately but remain convinced that florals look great on everyone else but myself. I love the kimono sleeves of this jacket and the slight puff in the shoulders.  Although it is meant to be worn open, I decided to rock it with my pink glitter belt that I got from the Talbot's Outlet some time ago.  I thought that my new hand slot clutch from ASOS would complement the outfit but had second thoughts.  I kind of like the teal clutch better, what do you think? If I were not going to work today, I probably would've wore some colored skinny jeans instead.  Green perhaps? Red?  Teal? What do you think of the ensemble? What do you think of the floral trend that has been around lately? Sorry about the quality of the pics! I've been using my hubby's phone to take pics b/c it's so quick and convenient but admittedly, the pic quality is crappy.

Bed Jacket: Democracy via Amazon
Tank: F21
Pants: Rainbow
Shoes: Old Navy
Clutch (top) ASOS (bottom) F21
Belt: Talbot's Outlet
Necklace: ASOS
Earrings: F21

Necklace close-up

Belt close-up

Just because...


  1. I love the outfit, particularly the jacket. Personally, i would have added a little more colour, but that's just me. I'm a big fan of florals, and they're a timeless trend, so it's great being able to wear some pieces again and again.

    1. I agree about adding more color. If I didn't have to go to work I definitely would've worn my green skinnies!


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