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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another year...

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had an enjoyable New Year's! I spent my New Year's hosting a sleepover with my daughter and her friend.  I didn't think they'd be up as late as they were but I guess 3 year-olds like to get down like everyone else!  Watching them made me realize how much older I am getting.  You know you're getting old if 1) sitting "indian style" hurts your knees and 2) you feel like you've been beaten by a gladiator after sleeping on the floor for 30 minutes. This morning I was so not in the mood to dress up in anything but all black. What changed my mind was my skinny jeans I got from Eloquii a few weeks ago.  Now I know I did a review on the jean and it wasn't a glowing review.  But something about them being 50% off was enough to change my mind.  Also, the red jean is so vibrant in person that I instantly fell in love with them the moment I put them on.  I decided to buy the 14W so I could achieve a more fitted look.  If you recall, the size 16's in my video review were very ripply in the thigh area.  These fit perfectly and because they are a size smaller, the inseam is the perfect length.  So what does one wear with a bright red jean? A tuxedo jacket! There is something about the black, white and red color combo that I can't get enough of.  If you look back at my previous posts, you'll see a similar pattern in this regard.  I feel that the jeans give the outfit the perfect pop while not detracting from the style of the jacket.  What do you think?

Tuxedo blazer: F21
Silky chemise: Old Navy
Jean: Eloquii
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: ASOS
Necklace:  The strap from an old clutch

Can we take a second to talk about resolutions for 2012?  Do you make them?  I've resolved to shop less, volunteer more, and be more active.  I'll be happy if I can achieve at least 2 of the 3!


  1. LOVEEEEEE this combo those jeans are toooo cute with that blazer!!!! shopping less would be WAYYY too hard for me lolll but my resolution is no sodas loll

  2. You are soo cute! Love the blog, glad I found you. :)

  3. Love that jacket! You have awesome style. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog today :)



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