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Monday, January 9, 2012

The one with the side coif

Hi Everyone!

It took me longer than usual to get ready this morning.  Unlike most people, I never put my clothes out the day before.  Instead, I awake with a general idea of the kind of colors and textures I want to wear--both of which are affected by my mood. Today I woke up feeling a bit risky.  I took out my braids from the day before and styled my hair as you see below.  What do you think? If I had more time, I would have used a small curling iron to achieve more of a curly look.  I'll probably play around with the style more and will be sure to share those results with you. 

The pants you see are from Forever 21 and were purchased as part of their B1G1 promotion.  I love the harem style of the pant because I believe it does a great job at concealing my tummy. I played around with a couple of top and necklace combinations and couldn't really figure out which looked best.  I ended up wearing my Dorothy Perkins shrug to work which provided more warmth than the other top. 

Also, sorry for the clothes tag you see poking out! I was going to retake the photo but then I thought against it--there is nothing wrong with a fashion "boo-boo" now and then! ;-)

The top is a long cardigan from F21.  I just tied the ends and tucked them in the sides of the shirt.

...with a different necklace...

...with a different top...

Cardigan: F21
Shrug: Dorothy Perkins (purchased in London several years ago)
Turtleneck: Zara (they offer free shipping and returns to the US! And the shipping is super speedy!)
Pant: F21
Shoes: ASOS
Bead necklace: ASOS
Earrings: F21
Bangle: Ashley Stewart
Statement necklace: Anthropologie
Clutch: F21


  1. Wow! Super stylish! Me & harem pants don't work, but they look good on you!


  2. @grownandcurvywoman thanks! i don' know if i will wear them again though...im drawing a blank for other style options!


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