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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zig to the Zag and opening up...

Hi All!

It is cold as heck here in Boston! I left the warmth of my house, stepped outside, and turned right back around to go back inside! I was born and raised in Boston and I swear I am not used to these temps!  It seems ridiculous to be wearing short sleeves right now but here I am...

I went to Old Navy yesterday to return some pants I had purchased and saw a zig zag pattern out the corner of my eye.  I had seen the shirt before during one of my previous visits but didn't pay it any attention.  When I saw it again, I grabbed it and held it up. $7! I rushed to the checkout like a giddy schoolgirl and resolved to wear it the next day.

ETA: Fully aware the shirt is visible through my pants in the pic! It's the flash of the camera that makes it more noticeable than it is i real life I promise!

Top: Old Navy
Bottom: F21
Belt: Old Navy ($5!)
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: American Eagle
Earrings: ?
Bag: 7Chi

In deciding to start a blog, I thought alot about how much information about myself I would divulge to my readers.  Initially, I thought keeping it fashion focused would be best as I assumed that no one would care about my personal life.  I have demurred from that position as of late because I believe that sharing my struggles and joys could provide insight/perspective to someone who is going through something similar (or not).  In my daily life I try to be as forthcoming and candid as possible with people I meet.  I do not think that it should be any different for my blog.  I thank you all for reading and hope that my opening up does not scare anyone off!  Let's start shall we?

I have a son and he is five.  He has special needs.  It took me a while to even come to terms with that phrase because I am a person who is 100% anti-labels.  I have been advocating for him since he was born and am fighting now to get him the services that he needs and deserves. I am a social worker by training (I have my MSW) and know plenty about advocating for those not able to do it for themselves.  However, as a parent with a child with special needs, I have had to navigate through very turbulent and scary waters.  I have crossed paths with people who want to remind me how "complicated" he is and that he will never be in a mainstream school.  Who tell me that he will need meds for the rest of his life and that I need to "hurry up" and get this diagnosis or that diagnosis.  In my frustration and anger, I have yelled at everyone and no one only to come to this realization: I have to be an advocate for my son.  I have to be an advocate for him because no one else will.  In life, sometimes you have to advocate to be heard, to be validated, to be understood, and to be made to feel that you are a human-being.  Some people want to push their views and values on you and claim to know what is best for you.  Do they? Do they have your best interest at heart?  In many cases they do not.  Only when you realize that only you can determine what is best for you can you then effectively advocate for yourself. Thatisall.


  1. It's so wierd that you posted this because I just posted something similiar on my blog... I decided that keeping it all fashion is not me and I want to include more of myself on my blog... I am glad you are going to open up more here... I can't wait to meet more of you :)

  2. Couple of things. First, the one that seems inappropriate... you can see your shirt through your pants! Not a huge deal, and you still look amazing, but I wouldn't wear the pants with fancy undies!

    Second, I feel for you and what you are going through with your son. I have a good friend who has a 22-year-old special needs son, and I am constantly in awe of her strength. I can't speak from experience, but after hearing so much from my friend, I feel for you.

  3. My special-needs son is now 14, and things are going much more smoothly now but K (when he was 5) was a very difficult year. Very difficult! I can only tell you to persevere and keep your pace. I remember very well when I finally prevailed and went from "craxy overconcerned mom" to "genius mom who noticed things about her kid that nobody else did). It was a relief, to be sure, but I'm still kind of bitter ...

  4. Just found your blog through QueenDiva over at Diva in Deep Thought. I completely love this post. I think that we should share more of ourselves other than our personal styles. We are more, and you never know who's life you will touch. **New Follower**

    @TickaNascha (Twitter)

  5. It takes a brave person to open themselves up especially using this medium. I wish you and your son all the best. I too am a social worker & see first hand how difficult it is to access services for children with specific needs.


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