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Sunday, August 12, 2012

(Seriously bootleg) Video Review: Torrid Stiletto Jean + some serious spookiness!


As I'm writing this, I'm extremely frazzled.  I will tell you the reason why momentarily but I just need to gripe one second about my personal life.  Last year, the hubs applied for a position with the Boston Police Department. We were both elated when he got a call back several months ago to tell him that he was going to be considered among the pool of prospective recruits.  The process of being a prospective recruit entails a lot of document gathering, background checks, neighbor references, etc. Well, after working for the past TWO months to gather all the necessary paperwork for him (seriously, it was a mind-wracking process), he goes to his interview and is told that he has to be "bypassed" because of his driving record.  All that work I did!!!! For them to tell him that he would no longer be considered.  When he told me, I was deflated.  Seriously, you would've thought that I was the one who got shut down. Bright side (typed sarcastically)? He can reapply in 2015 because by then, the offenses on his driving record will have disappeared. *facepalm*

Moving on...I wanted to do a video review for Torrid's new Stiletto Jean because I didn't think that pictures would suffice.  There's been a lot of buzz about the jean and a host of blogger reviews about them.  You'll have to watch my video to determine if all this buzz is justified. It's also worth mentioning that I did not wash the jeans after wearing them the first time so they do not have that super fitted look of the first wear. Also, before you watch the video please keep in mind that the audio may not be so great (you might need to put it all the way  up) and that I did a really craptastic editing job.    If you can live with these two things (as well as my infernal "um's" throughout) then click away! Ready? Go!

Ok, so are you ready for me to tell you why I'm frazzled? Ok, so the video above is actually my second attempt at the review.  The first review was interrupted by some serious paranormal activity in my house.  It was one of those rare times when I was all alone (hubs took the kids out) so I decided to take advantage of the solitude and do a review of the jean.  Well, watch the video below and pay particular attention to the right of my face and the hallway behind me at about:35-:37. It appears that a ball is thrown and it makes a noise as it hits my floor.  If you reeeeeeally look closely (like near my right cheek, you can see an arm being raised as if someone is throwing said ball. Please note that this video has not been altered in anyway with the exception of shortening the footage so that you could view what I am referring to.  Also, I think it is worth stating that I was absolutely ALONE and that I don't keep any balls in the house.

WTH??? You saw it right??? What's even creepier is that you can hear the sound the object makes as it "makes contact" with my floor! I literally had to call my sister, dad, and mom over to my house so they could bear witness to what I was seeing.  NO ONE could explain it! If you care to hit me up with some possible explanations I'd LOVE to hear them because three days later, I'm STILL freaking out! Seriously, I've been sleeping with all the lights on in my house since this incident (don't laugh at me!)! I hope that my nerves calm down eventually but right now I'm a mess!


  1. oh Im to scared to even watch the video lol

  2. Hmmm... its actually around the 0:40 mark. I had to look at it three times but I def saw a whitish movement and the corresponding sound to go with it. Hope it goes away.

  3. I don't see anything. Love the review, make up is nice also!

  4. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG that is scary!!! Those jeans are hot!!!!!!!


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