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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I'm sorry about the inconsistent blogging but my life has been super crazy as of late! I recently got a new job! I'm super excited and start in early September. I will be working on some Affordable Care Act stuff with a major hospital system in the Greater Boston area.  It's a welcomed change from what I'm doing now which is more policy-based.  Also, my son is starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I am freaking out! He doesn't do well in large group settings and he has been placed in a classroom with about 23+ kids.  I've already had several meetings to devise his Individual Educational Plan and am not really pleased with the recommendations the school system has made with regards to his plan.  I can't help but think about the parents who do not know how to navigate the system and are essentially forced to go along with a plan that may not be right for their child.  That won't be me though.  The entire school system will know who I am when all is said and done!

So what inspired this outfit was the lack of clothing options.  Our washing machine is broken and I've been forced to seriously dig through my closet for practical pieces.  We are getting a new washing machine in a couple days but it's Lord-of-the-Flies-type chaos in my house right now!  I purchased this jumpsuit from Macy's over a year ago and could never figure out how to wear it since to me, it looked plain.  After much rifling through my stuff, I decided to throw on a bright pink sash I got from Marshall's.  The material of the jumpsuit is very clingy and has a slight sheen to it.  Shiny fabrics seem to accentuate everything so admittedly, I was a bit wary to put it on. 

Here is the jumpsuit on a model:

 Here it is on me:

Jumpsuit: Macy's (sold out)
Sash (originally a scarf): Marshall's
Shoes: Old Navy
Bug necklace: ASOS
Turqoise necklace: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: F21
Zig Zag Cuff: ASOS
Bangles: F21
Lippy: Dear Diary by MAC

If I had a do-over, I'd probably wear heels instead of flats (my flats are looking a bit worn...womp, womp)  and would have added a clutch. I love the fact this jumpsuit has pockets! I also appreciate the tapered leg because in my opinion, wide leg jumpsuits do not look as sleek and sexy.

And to close, I'm including a pic of Jessie from Toy Story because my daughter Ava sked me to! ;-)


  1. i love the jumper and how you added the sash!

  2. Love the jumpsuit on you even more than the model. I also like that you mirrored that pop of pink in your lip color.

  3. I love the jumpsuit! It looks great and that pink gives it a cooler look! Oh and btw, your skin is BEAUTIFUL!


  4. I really like the jumpsuit on you! It looks too cute! I hope all goes well this school year for your son.

  5. AWW how sweet of you to throw the doll in there for your daughter! Good Mommie! Love the pops of pink with this jumper!

  6. hey i love this outfit very classy i might say, ur hair style gives really makes this look look stunning

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    hope youll follow back

  7. I found your blog from the BLM FB page. Love the addition of the pink! The jumper looks better on you than on the model; she's doing her best, but she just doesn't have the curves for it. Also, I have a slight doll phobia, so Jessie looks super scary to me (don't tell your daughter I said that, though, LOL).


  8. Superbe la combinaison,j aime beaucoup !

  9. Love the addition of the sash... it looks like it was meant to be... I totally like the jumpsuit on you better than the model. on the model it looks really plain and thin. on you it looks wonderful....and you do have GREAT skin...what kind of makeup do you use and what is your skin regime (post idea!!)



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