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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best dressed...

What cruelty is this that I can't wear form-fitting dresses now? Well, I guess I could....but the dresses I'm coveting seem to lose their allure when you throw in a preggy belly into the mix.  Not to say that I'm ashamed of my belly...but still...there is a time and place for everything afterall.
I have my eye on this dress from Kiyonna.  Isn't it gorge?
The fit looks amazing as does the rouching.  Some fashion "experts" advise plus-sized women to stay away from rouching because they say it accentuates the midriff area.  I say go for it!  Rouching can add texture and appeal to any plain dress.

So it is no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with ASOS.  Their styles are cutting edge and the fit on many of their pieces is spectacular.  This dress reminds me somewhat of this dress I purchased from Jibri not too long ago.  I'm really liking the dotted mesh pattern and the sweetheart bustline. 

This is another dress from ASOS and I chose it for its rich blue hue.  It is from the main range. I am not really crazy about tulip-shaped hems but I would make an exception for this particular dress. The surplice top, the blousson sleeves, the puff shoulders...all details I absolutely adore!

This dress reminds me of the famous Kiyonna scalloped boudoir dress that I have in brown.  This dress however, is shorter and has a distinctive v-neck (Kiyonna's dress is surplice).  There is something about lace that is so vintage and dainty.  I'm automatically feel as though I am being transported to another time and place when I put it on. 

How badly am I kicking myself for not purchasing this rouched convertible dress from Monif C? Many people are put off by the cost of her dresses but the rouching detail on this particular dress is too amazing too pass up.  I am hoping that the dresses come back in the fall or else I will never forgive myself for not taking the plunge!


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