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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recent Buys...

So what if I'm almost pregnant and can't technically wear most of the stuff I have purchased?  I like to believe that I'm pretty attuned to my body (especially the super squishy parts) to know which pieces will fit post-pregnancy and which ones will not.  That being said, I've made several purchases the past several weeks that I'm very proud of.  One was what I like to call a dice-roll.  You know, when you buy something and you have absolutely no idea how it will fit.  Amazon recently offered a discount off of its clearance clothing and I decided to take the plunge on the Democracy Womens Floral Bed Jacket top:
Cute huh?  Well, the floral pattern reminds me of something that belongs on a couch but still...I liked it because it looked really flowy and nonrestrictive, two clothing attributes that I utterly need right now.
In person this jacket is so adorable and the floral pattern is not too kitschy or overwhelming.  The shoulders have a puff detail that I absolutely fell in love with and the fabric is soft and has a slight stretch to it. I bought this in an XL (the largest size).  Verdict: Keeper.

The next item is from ASOS' main range (size 14).  What drew me to this piece was the chunkiness of the stripes and the fact that the piece seemed very versatile (it could be worn as a top, a dress, or a skirt). I've been obsessed with anything stripey as of late so it was not a major shocker that I saw this and fell in love with it.  It didn't hurt that it was on clearance for 17 bux...

When I got this in the mail, I noticed that the white stripes were actually cream-colored, a detail I must have overlooked while reading the description of the item.  The dress skimmed over my hips pretty easily and looked great as a knee-length skirt. Since my belly was in the way, I had a difficult time envisioning it as a dress. The material is extremely stretchy and the garment is solidly constructed.  Verdict: Keeper.

My next purchase was from Talbots.  Oh, Talbots, you know how to tantalize the desires of the pregnant woman don't you?  I purchased this wanting to fully take advantage of Talbot's 40% off sale (which is still going on mind you).  I had been coveting this skirt for some time but hadn't taken the plunge because I was a bit put off by the description of the material as a "linen-blend".  Linen...you know, the same material that wrinkles no matter how many times you try to iron it? Yeah, that material.  My craving for Cold Stone ice cream one weekend brought me face to face with a Talbots.  Spying the coveted skirt on display in their window, I giddily entered.  Oh, this skirt felt like a dream! The material was very substantive and the stitching was divine.  I snuck in a corner and rubbed the skirt against my cheek.  Heaven!  The rest is basically history. Verdict: Keeper.

So that is basically it for now. I've recently purchased a host of items from Forever 21 that have not arrived yet.  Once I do, I will be sure to post a review.  I know, I know...A review is not really a review without trying the clothes on right?  Well, cut me some slack...

More preggy pics on the horizon so stay tuned!


  1. Hi! I am a brand spankin new reader on your site, loving it so far :) I have a question for you- I've been looking through ASOS's online collection. I see that you ordered a size 14 but said you are a 18/20/22 in another post (or maybe that's just your preggo size). Wondering though- Have you found that their clothing is pretty generously sized?

  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks for your support of my new blog! I've been ordering from ASOS awhile and find that some of their pieces tend to be very forgiving in terms of size. If it's jersey (stretchy material) odds are a size 14 will fit you if your a size 18-22. I'm about a 20/22 now and was an 18/20 pre preg. One of my fave pieces is this peplum top that has no stretchiness but has a smocked waist and an open bust. I had to get it in a size 12 because the size 14 was too big!


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