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Friday, October 12, 2012

"Work Flow" by Guest Blogger Rosa

Hi Izzygetsbizzy Family!

I’m Rosa and Izzy has graciously agreed to let me be a guest blogger! So please comment below and let me know what you like and what you don’t like! Now, on to fashion!
My fashion inspiration comes from anything interesting, like going overseas and seeing different styles. Every time I go home to Greece, I am always inspired by their fashion as Europe is usually way ahead of the fashion curve. Sometimes a mannequin might grab my attention while other times my fashion choices are motivated by what is on sale. There are many faces to my fashion style and I hope to showcase that to you in time. My style can range from daring to dismal on any given day. I can be a colorful goddess or I can be a dreary gothic chick. The weather, my mood, and available clean laundry are all factors in deciding what I wear each day.
I know I have a punk rocker side because I always gravitate towards purple hair pieces, biker gloves, and fishnets. Crazy thing is I never actually where that stuff but you cant tell me nothin' 'cuz I keep buying it!
For the most part, I'm very comfy casual at work. Some may say classic but I really hate the idea of being boxed into a category. I stick to basics with a splash of bold colors and textures which are usually displayed through my accessories. I am somewhat of a shopaholic and my guilty pleasure is jewelry. I love earrings, chains, bracelets, and funky rings.
Today I want to a showcase a simple yet cute outfit I put together this morning for work:
  Top: Torrid (sold out), Pants: Dots
The top is a black Belted Peplum Ponte Top from Torrid which came with a very pretty pink patent leather belt. I paired it with some basic black trousers from Dots (Yes, they have plus sizes). I liked the pop of the pink but I didn’t want to go overboard with jewelry so instead I kept my jewelry gold and broke out my brand new spanking pair of Oxfords from Forever 21. Here is a close-up:
 Shoes: Forever 21 (sold out)
As you can see, the sole is pink which adds a cute feminine touch to a simple black work outfit. It’s really easy for me to go over the top with color and/or accessories so I did my best to keep it simple.
What do you think of the outfit? How would YOU rock it?


  1. Rosa, you look very comfy and chic! I love black and wear a lot of it! I love the oxfords which is why I bought a black pair very similar to those with a blue bottom! My first time wearing oxfords like these in years!!! LOL IM A TEACHER SO COMFORT IS KEY!

  2. Very cute... Asos has a similar top onsale that does not come with a belt. That is where I thought you got the top from at first before you said Torrid. I love the pop of pink in the oxfords, what a wonderful idea. I wish F21 sold my shoe size (12), actually maybe it is best that they don't because I'd probably go overboard. You look comfy and chic...very nice...

  3. Thanks ErickaM! You got the oxfords with baby blue sole didn't you? I like those too. You must take a pic & post.


  4. Thanks Literal Gemini! It was either this Torrid one or the Asos peplum and I went this because I felt I was getting a free belt with it. Yeah its easy to go overboard with cute, reasonable shoes, Oh and FYI these shoes are cute only. There is very little grip on these soles.


  5. Love, love, love peplum! It looks great on everybody!

  6. Really cute!. Where was I when you had this on. Totally a look I would wear; oxfords and all.


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