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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seeing red

Hi All!

I've been heavily perusing the webs lately for perfect fall/winter pieces in rich red hues.  Whatever shade of red you are into, oxblood, claret, wine, or burgundy there is no denying that this color is perfect for many of  the current fall/winter fashion trends.  I've recently pinned many items to my Pinterest board in the hopes of amassing a virtual clothing collection as rich and variegated as the color itself. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect velvet legging in a burgundy color and saw these leggings that literally made me gasp.

Isn't the color perfection?  Of course the challenge in finding the perfect velvet legging is making sure that said legging comes in your size (lamentably this one does not).
I've was also able to snag the ultimate holiday dress by way of Monif C.  The vibrant color of this dress literally made my heart flutter and I had to snag it when I learned of their $50 off Friends and Family promotion! It is called the "Alexandra" and it is a body hugging, head turning, gasp-inducing creation of utter proportions. See for yourself:
Now, I already own this dress in a gold sparkly color and wore it for New Years 2 years ago.  I wore patent red Corso Comos and felt like a goddess.  Seriously, no one could tell me nothing! Here is a pic of me trying on the dress for the first time:
I also recently spied this little number from River Island and I'm absolutely feeling the lace/peplum combo:
Unfortunately, RI sizes only go up to a US14 so this was purely a "wish I could buy this dress" moment.
If you ever have the patience and the time, eBay and Etsy are also great places to find unique pieces in various shades of red.  Look at this dress I recently came across on eBay:
(ugh, I strongly dislike watermarks)

This dress comes in a plus sizes but the sizing seems to be more Junior's sizing.  It is jersey material which is naturally very stretchy so take that into consideration if you plan on buying!
With regards to baubles and bling, the color red makes me think vintage and old world charm.  I fell in love with these earrings from ASOS because they had such a great vintage feel without looking overly gaudy:
What colors have you been drawn to recently? Have  you been successful in finding pieces that adequately capture the colors you like? Share your finds with me below!


  1. i too am loving the oxblood color this year! that gold dress is so pretty and love it in red too!

  2. Not a fan on the oxblood color I feel only cause I don't like the name though :/ ...however I am crazy for mesh, leather mustards and greens

    I too have this dress but in cream and its one of my favorites so curve hugging

  3. I love that gold dress on you! I nominated your for an award on my blog :)

  4. You look AMAZING in that dress! Seriously stunning.

    In an effort to spread the love around, I nominated you for a blog award to promote new (or new-ish) blogs with under 200 followers :) Don't feel obligated to post it/pass it on if you don't want to, but know that I think you're awesome! Details are at http://fatfashionablefeminist.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/liebster-award-for-new-bloggers/


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