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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big hair, don't care...


Today was a special day today because my wig came in the mail!  I've been trying to experiment with different hair styles for the summer and spotted this wig online.  Well, it came today and of course I had to try it on.  And after I tried it on, of course I had to build an outfit around it! I'm of the adage that if you have big hair, you have to have a fierce outfit to back it up.  Granted, this outfit isn't as fierce as I would like, but it's almost there.  I could've done without the brown clutch in the first pic but my hubby insisted that I needed to be holding something.  Stick to takin' photos buddy!
So what do you think of my wig? Too much?

Obligatory "sexy" pose.  This is some biiiig hair!

Top: Vintage, copped on Etsy
Pants: Rainbows
Earrings: EBay
Shoes: Target "Paisley" pump
Clutch: F21
Wig: "Creta Girl" by Freetress
And oh! Before I forget, let me show you this dress I got on Ashley Stewart!  I was debating if I should return it but I think I will keep it.  I love the crazy colors! I think it will be perfect for the summer. What do you think of the dress? Keeper?

Dress: Ashley Stewart (online exclusive)
Clutch: ASOS (it's actually a laptop case)
Shoes: F21
Earrings: EBay


  1. Love the hair!! I think it goes really well with the dress from Ashley Stewart. You look good girl!!

  2. Fierce girl....FIERCE!!

  3. The hair is ALL THAT!! And I love that dress with the nude shoes! Very sexy!


  4. Love the hair!!! You look amazing! Keep up the weight loss! I started jogging & while it's KILLING me, I'm sticking to it!
    I hope you post more of your new hair looks.

  5. Love the hair mam!!!! I will be ordering one soon...The outfit in both pics are hott!!! I love the dress!!!! You look good girl!

  6. OMG you look amazing! I love your wig it is completely awesome. You are also completely rawking those outfits. Your figure is totally enviable!




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